Thursday, February 23, 2012


New download link here

Track 1 - Nello Spazio
Track 2 - Allucinazioni
Track 3 - Approdo Lunare
Track 4 - Pulsando
Track 5 - Addio Alla Terra
Track 6 - Stelle Cadenti
Track 7 - Sperduti Nello Spazio
Track 8 - Il Pianeta Degli Insetti
Track 9 - Asteroide Fantasma
Track 10 - Nell'Ombra Di Plutone
Track 11 - Polvere Cosmica
Track 12 - Angoscia Cosmica
Track 13 - Vita Primordiale

This is an interesting selection of space themed music from the great Piero Umiliani, released on his own Omicron record label. These tracks, which utilise a range of electronic instruments are generally claustrophobic and tense with the major exception being the lovely organic sounding "Approdo Lunare". It's certainly an album more suited to the beard strokers out there rather than those who are purely fans of Umiliani's extensive soundtrack work but to get a true understanding of his greatness records like this must be heard. It is also one of the more rare releases in Piero's discography.

A better quality version of "Approdo Lunare" can be found on "Musica Elettronica Vol.2".


CBlack said...

Looking forward to it, but Letitbit says "File not found."

Veda said...

Love these italians like umiliani , micalizzi , donaggio , trovaioli etc.
Great stuff as always Mr.Craig

Mr. Craig said...

@CBlack - I just checked the link and it's working fine. Maybe give it another go : )

Joe said...

File also not found....
But boy am i glad I found funky frolic.Peace.

vandamation said...

I just check it out... It says file not found

Mr. Craig said...

This could be a country-specific problem because it's definitely up and working for me. Are you all from the U.S? Unfortunately Big Brother may be at work...

I might try to upload it on Mirrorcreator in the next couple of days.

CBlack said...

Yeah, that must be the problem. LetitBit is, I guess, a Russian service, and I think it has been rendered unavailable to US IP adresses.

Mr. Craig said...

I heard the same thing has happened with other services, including Mediashare for a period a few weeks ago. Anyway, I will try to up it elsewhere sometime soon.

Muff Diver said...

I'm in the US. I can't get it, either.

Thanks anyway for the consideration, Mr. Craig. I'm sure we'll get it sooner or later.

Mr. Craig said...

Sorry, I'll get to it sometime this week.

NoPants said...

Not to hurry you Mr Craig but it's been more than a month since you offered to re-upload this to something other than Letitbit. I wouldn't bother you but literally can not find another working download for L'uomo Nello anywhere on the internet.