Friday, April 8, 2011


Track 1 - Under Control
Track 2 - Power Boost
Track 3 - Hedono
Track 4 - Mars Close Up
Track 5 - Pozzolicco
Track 6 - Flash Point
Track 7 - Rockin' Computer
Track 8 - Moontown
Track 9 - Gamblin' Ostinato
Track 10 - Katachi
Track 11 - Malaparte Sinus
Track 12 - Meeting: Palermo

A weird and wonderful gem from German composer Peter Thomas! This 1975 record comes off sounding like the perfect music for a dance party on Mars, it has a funk / jazz sound that is utterly unique and incorporates a range of unusual electronic and industrial noises which keep the listener on their feet.  The most noticeable features on the album are the crisp drumming and the big band-esque horns but there is also some excellent guitar work. To be honest any description I give will be flawed because Peter's style really deserves a genre all of it's own, however what I can say is that listening to this record is a thoroughly worthwhile trip into 70's German grooviness.

I just discovered that Peter Thomas also produced the soundtrack to the Bruce Lee film "The Big Boss" so I will endeavour to post that here sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this wild collection.


litlgrey said...

[Golden Ring] a 30.024 rm - Orchestra Peter Thomas - Orion 2000 [1975]

Mike said...

There are two soundtracks to 'The Big Boss': English (as 'Fists of Fury') and Cantonese/Mandarin. For the US release, they created a new soundtrack from scratch (the one you're referring to). For the original HK release, they sourced all the music from various sources (including a King Crimson track, I believe). Nobody has released the full HK score.

Mr. Craig said...

Yes, it did sound like a strange choice of composer for a Hong Kong film. I have a copy of "Fists Of Fury" on DVD but it has some serious quality issues. Good film though.

Mr. Craig said...

Is this the you were thinking of? Or is there even more versions out there?

Maestro said...

Now that you veterans are talking about film-scores, is there any possibility that you may post the soundtrack of the film: Le Mutant by Carlos Leresche.

I'm asking for this score hopelessly because I think it's impossible to find this soundtrack.

More info:
Carlos Leresche - Le Mutant
Catalog#:260 019
Format:Vinyl, LP

Mr. Craig said...

Maestro, I couldn't find a download on the internet but you may want to check out this site and put in a request...

Mike said...

Mr. Craig, wrong movie. I'm talking about Bruce's first movie, not 'The Chinese Connection' which was also known as 'Fist of Fury' in HK. Besides, that's not the full original soundtrack to that film. Anyway, you can't find the full soundtrack to the HK print of 'The Big Boss' anywhere -- it doesn't exist.