Thursday, December 30, 2010


Bruton Bonanza!!!

Track 1 - Power Boats
Track 2 - Power Boats Link
Track 3 - Burn Up
Track 4 - City Phobia
Track 5 - Indianapolis 1
Track 6 - Indianapolis 2
Track 7 - Thrill
Track 8 - Making The Action
Track 9 - Rough Ride
Track 10 - Speed Fever
Track 11 - Hot Shot 1
Track 12 - Hot Shot 2
Track 13 - Freeze Frame 1
Track 14 - Freeze Frame 2
Track 15 - Holiday For Synths
Track 16 - Hell For Leather

BRK 03 packs in a load of different musically styles over the course of the record. There are elements of funk, disco, synth rock and easy listening, sometimes all in the same track! This release from 1978 showcases the skills of  Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw amongst others and I believe I recognise the song Indianapolis 2 from the Music For Dancefloors: Cream Of Chappell compilation. A sweet collection and a very rewarding wrapped in a small download.


Anonymous said...

This post is only side A and one track on side B. Missing is tracks 10-16: Speed Fever, Hot Shot 1 & 2, Freeze Frame 1 & 2, Holiday For Synths and Hell For Leather.

Anonymous said...

Power Boats (plus link) by Kieth Mansfield
Burn Up by Brian Wade
City Phobia by Brian Wade
Indianapolis 1 & 2, Thrill and Making The Action by Irving Martin & Brian Dee
Rough Ride by F. Ricotti & Les Hurdle
Speed Fever by Andrew Jackman
Hot Shot 1 & 2 by John Cameron
Freeze Frame 1 & 2 by Andrew Jackman
Holiday For Synths and Hell For Leather by Keith Mansfield

Mr. Craig said...

I thought 9 tracks was just a little bit short for a Bruton. I shall do some research today. Thanks for the info.

Mr. Craig said...

I found a complete version of it, am trying to update it now but my internet connection is down to 1kb/sec for some reason so it might have to wait until tomorrow.