Thursday, November 17, 2011


Wow, I don't know where to begin! It's been such an amazing year at Funky Frolic, one that has involved a great deal of hard work on my behalf ( 418 posts and counting ). However the success of this site is very much a result of the support that has been graciously provided by countless fellow bloggers and visitors. For those of you who have given me advice, sent me albums, linked to Funky Frolic, become members and left so many wonderful messages I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thought it would be cool to go over some of the highlights from the last 12 months and also compile an obligatory list. So here we go!

The biggest surprise of year one came when I posted this 1950's novelty record on a whim. I never could have imagined it would become the most viewed and most searched for album at Funky Frolic. I try not to think about the reasons behind that though!

"My Pussy Belongs To Daddy" heads a long list of popular posts that included cover art nudity. From " In The Nude" by Pornland to "Electronic Toys Vol.1" and "Pinball Playboy" by Cook County. Speaking of "Pinball Playboy", didn't that one come out of leftfield...It goes to show that you never quite know what will capture the imagination of the public.

The response to the mixes I've released has been fantastic with over 8,000 downloads. The Legends Of Library series proved to be very popular and I might consider adding a couple more composers to the list in the future. I have just finished another Frolic Beats comp and you can find that directly beneath this post.

I think it's a shame that the "Most Popular Posts" don't really reflect what I consider to be the best albums I have written about. So here is my Top 20 favourites from the year past in no particular order. If you haven't checked them out already then I urge you to click on the links and discover for yourself just how great these records are. Also, feel free to leave a message with your choice of top picks and if I get enough responses I'll post them up sometime.

1. "Desert" by A.Vuolo & E.Grande
2. "The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter" Les Baxter
3. "Mars Production Library CK-713/CK-714" Various
4. "To-day's Sound" Piero Umiliani
5. "Ritornano Quelli Di... " Calibro 35
6. "Dirty Fan Male" Various Artists
7. "Paris Soul" Ben & The Platano Group
8. "The Amazing Spider-Man OST" Various Artists
9. "Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler 1972-1980" Various Artists
10. "Bully OST" Shawn Lee
11. "Under Pompelmo" Giuliano Sorgini
12. "Shut It! The Music Of The Sweeney" Various Artists
13. "Jimmy Ruckus And The Five Fingers Of Death" Big Pimp Jones
14. "Action Drive: KPM Compilation" Various Artists
15. "Bruton BRI 10 - Fantasia" Brian Bennett
16. "Mo'Hawk" Alan Hawkshaw
17. "Insight Modulation" Zanagoria
18. "Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" Various Artists
19. "Man In Space With Sounds" Attilio Mineo
20. "Zombie" Fela Kuti & Afrika 70

So what does the future hold for Funky Frolic? Well, I still have a few tricks left up my sleeve and you can expect a number of weird and wonderful Christmas albums over the holiday period. Hopefully sometime in April I will pass the 1,000,000 pageview mark which will be a decent achievement for a niche blog. I hope you will continue to find music of interest at Funky Frolic in 2012 and beyond. With your continued support I'm sure things will keep rolling along.


Broshing said...

Happy birthday!

I'm eager to see what come for next year! I more or less agree with your top. I would have put the Afro Rock KPM in it though!

Crazy B said...

good!!! thx for the great funky music and happy birthday :D

Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday F.F.! We sure do appreciate your taste in music and the work you do to get to us!--Bill

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dukester said...

thanx for everything, keep on grooving & all the best for year 2!

Budd said...

A massive thanks Craig for your hard work, postivity and expert crate digging skills! Happy first birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Many happy ones....

the jazzstronaut said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great share.

Tex said...

YOW! 418 posts ain't nothin' ta sneeze at, ya know?

Well done, Mr.C!

(Roll on to Year 2!)

dom said...

Happy anniversary. Pity about sex themed stuff being most popular...but 'twas always thus, us men just can't seem to pass the opportunity to view a pair of breasts by.

tomcrashkick said...

Thank you sir! This year has been one of my absolute favorites in learning about new music and I can say with admiration that it was the wormhole opened on this page that got me cookin'. Looking forward to Y2.