Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Track 1 - Electroluminessence / The Mount Vernon Arts Lab
Track 2 - Whistle Stop, Laser / Jeff McGrory & Dietmar Dinklage
Track 3 - Tertius, Soul Power / Ronnie & Clyde
Track 4 - Laser / Klute
Track 5 - Comes The Cajun / Dynamic Syncopation
Track 6 - Cosmic Awakening / Fox
Track 7 - Bluephoria, Chant Afrique / Dirty Angels
Track 8 - West Coast Session, Colours / International Peoples Gang
Track 9 - Grotesque / Semtex
Track 10 - Big John / East Coast B-Boys
Track 11 - Big John / Stasis
Track 12 - Hula Rock / The Bill Posters Will Be Band

Modern reinterpretations of tracks from The Super Sounds Of Bosworth performed by a bunch of artists I have never heard of before. They do a good job at continuing on with the experimentation of the source material while adding hip hop and electronica influences. It's interesting that some of the original tracks have been mashed together to form new compositions. I think you would need to be a fan of the original release to get the most out this but it is a cool concept none the less.


retronic said...

Cheers- I never picked this up at the time.

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, it was a bit of a tricky one to find on the net - sharing its name with a real battle and all. I was stoked to finally locate it after looking for some time (well, 11 years to be precise).