Thursday, December 23, 2010


Track 1 - Funky Superfly (Part 1)
Track 2 - Funky Superfly (Part 2)
Track 3 - Morning Of Love
Track 4 - Let's Jam
Track 5 - Teach Me
Track 6 - Soul Brother Party (Part 1)
Track 7 - Soul Brother Party (Part 2)
Track 8 - Get Into It
Track 9 - Make Yourself Funky
Track 10 - Fair Trade

An awesome funk bomb straight outta 1974 from Bobby Williams. This album is clearly influenced by James Brown with lots of "Give it to me!" and "Get down!" moments along with call and response vocals between Bobby and the band. It is the raw energy that sells this record, along with the cover art (posing infront of a helicopter, hugging a tree? Pure gold!). It is a super listen all the way through and it's no wonder this album is still popular today. Please note - Tracks 9 and 10 start off sounding identical before going off in different directions, maybe they were part of the same composition and were split up?

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