Saturday, December 11, 2010


Track 1 - Contract Man
Track 2 - G.B.H
Track 3 - Road Runner
Track 4 - The Heist
Track 5 - Duluth Blues
Track 6 - The Spic
Track 7 - The Detectives
Track 8 - Blue Panther
Track 9 - Killer Hill
Track 10 - Smokey Joe The Dreamer
Track 11 - Gentle In The Night
Track 12 - The Peterman
Track 13 - Funky Bear
Track 14 - The Hanged Man

Super crime funk from 1975 composed by Alan Tew and performed by Bullet for the English t.v show The Hanged Man. Plenty of breakbeats compliment the ominous bass and brass, with keyboards and synths adding further depth to the sound. A different version of "The Detectives" appears on the Sound Gallery compilation and parts of the song are reprised later in this album. Not all of the tracks are hard and fast, the quieter moments are just as satisfying and executed with the skill you would expect from a library music master such as Tew.

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