Saturday, December 4, 2010


Track 1 - Exhilaration / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 2 - City Limits / Keith Mansfield
Track 3 - Thunderbird / Johnny Pearson
Track 4 - Jazz Rocker / Keith Mansfield
Track 5 - Mini Motoring / Johnny Pearson
Track 6 - Action Drive / Johnny Pearson
Track 7 - Nuplex / Brian Bennett
Track 8 - The Zodiac / David Lindup
Track 9 - Funky Fanfare / Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Mono Ski / Keith Mansfield
Track 11 - Action Replay / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 12 - Slow Rocker / Keith Mansfield
Track 13 - Keeping Pace / Jim Lawless
Track 14 - Range Rover / John Cameron

Don't let the boring cover fool you - this is without a doubt the best compilation of KPM library music tracks ever to be released. All the heavy hitters are represented with Mansfield, Bennett, Cameron, Hawkshaw, Pearson and co. all providing top class work. Everything that is good about library music is featured on this disk from cool breakbeats, thundering basslines and blasting horns to groovy organ and funky guitar work. The track selection is outstanding with every one of them standing out and making a statement. This is truly a must have!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Brian said...

Oh bugger it all! This one is not available!

Can we please have a repost of this classic album?

Thank you Mr. Craig!