Friday, December 31, 2010


Track 1 - Alex
Track 2 - Love Theme
Track 3 - Mato Grosso
Track 4 - Piccadilly Circus
Track 5 - Hyde Park
Track 6 - Regent Street
Track 7 - Soho
Track 8 - Trafalgar Square
Track 9 - Lua Linda
Track 10 - Gare Siloette
Track 11 - Siloette
Track 12 - Jokey
Track 13 - Piramidi
Track 14 - To Pedal

I Marc 4 were an Italian combo who specialized in music for soundtracks and television, while individual members performed as session players for various projects. The "Marc" in the group's title comes from the first letter of each band members name -

Maurizio Majorana
Antonello Vannucchi
Roberto Podio and
Carlo Pes

This is their first recording under their own name and it is a typical Italian library music style affair with super groovy keyboards and flute playing the most dominant role. I just discovered today that the band actually performed the music for Piero Umiliani's smash hit "Mah Na Mah Na". If you are a fan of the Irma La Douce label this album will be right up you alley.

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