Monday, December 20, 2010


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Track 1 - K-Jee / The Nite Liters
Track 2 - Funky Paella / The Brothers
Track 3 - Bongo Rock / The Incredible Bongo Band
Track 4 - Ali Funky Thing / Chuck Cornish
Track 5 - Do The Choo Choo / Jack Ashford
Track 6 - Listen To Me / Baby Huey
Track 7 - Bumpin Part II / Ground Hog
Track 8 - Down / A Different Bag
Track 9 - Doing The Feeling / Alvin Cash
Track 10 - Mary Don't Take Me On A Bad Trip / Fugi
Track 11 - Spook A Delic / Don Pierce
Track 12 - Waterbad Part II / L.T.G Exchange
Track 13 - Funkey Key / The Dynamics
Track 14 - Don't Fight The Feeling / Sound Experience
Track 15 - Boogie The Devil In (Funk The Devil Out) / The Chubukos
Track 16 - Super Groupie / Junie
Track 17 - Seems To Me / Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

A super compilation of funky grooves released back in 2003. There's a nice mix of vocal and instrumental tracks on this one with lots of the qualities we all look for in good funk  - deep bass, choppy guitars and passionate singing. Some of these performers may be familiar to you such as Baby Huey, The Incredible Bongo Band and The Chubukos and "Mary Don't Take Me on A Bad Trip" by Fugi is one of my personal favourite songs that also features on the In Yo Face collection of CD's.

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Tex said...

Sorry to be your ray of sunshine again, Mr.C, but I found another one. It comes up...

"This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader."

However, it's one of those external links you talk about in the post after this, so it's understandable.

(bringer of joy)