Monday, December 27, 2010


Track 1 - Theme From The Power Game
Track 2 - Main Theme From The Saint
Track 3 - Batman Theme
Track 4 - At The Sign Of The Swinging Symbol
Track 5 - High Wire (Theme From Danger Man)
Track 6 - The Rat Catchers
Track 7 - Thunderbirds
Track 8 - The Avengers
Track 9 - Seaway
Track 10 - Inspector Rose (Theme From Mr.Rose)
Track 11 - The Clanger
Track 12 - Theme From The Baron
Track 13 - Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E
Track 14 - The Troubleshooters

A super selection of t.v themes from Brian Fahey. You might recognise a couple of these tracks from The Sound Gallery CD's (but with slightly different versions). More than that you will recognise the other songs from viewing hundreds and thousands of Batman, The Saint and Thunderbirds episodes (if you're anything like me). The impact of these themes has gone far beyond their initial purpose, infiltrating modern pop culture and turning up in all manner of guises. I would describe the music as being horn laden and important, driving you forward towards the start of another episode of action and excitement. Love the cover too!


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