Friday, December 31, 2010


   Klassic KPM's!!!

Track 1 - Exclusive Blend
Track 2 - Studio 69
Track 3 - Work Out
Track 4 - Rocky Mountain Runabout
Track 5 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue
Track 6 - Roving Reporter
Track 7 - Senior Thump
Track 8 - Tap Footer
Track 9 - Teenage Travelogue
Track 10 - Teenage Ton Up
Track 11 - Delivery Date
Track 12 - A Touch Of Nonsense
Track 13 - Man On The Move
Track 14 - Mexican D.J
Track 15 - Debsville
Track 16 - Red Square Stomp

The Big Beat Vol.1 features some of the best music ever produced by Alan Hawkshaw. His trademark drum and organ heavy tracks are in full swing such as on the compilation favourite "Senior Thump", "Studio 69" is also included here (it appears on The Sound Gallery comp as "Blarney's Stoned") and "Beat Me Til I'm Blue" pops up on one of the Exclusive Blend CD's under a different name. Hawkshaw's relentless groove attack is tempered by the inclusion of Keith Mansfield on this album who provides some slightly more refined jazz tinged pieces, the best of which is probably the laid back "Teenage Travelogue". All in all, this is an outstanding collection which demands repeated listens.


Keith said...

You're doing a great job here mate!
All the best for the new year to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!