Thursday, December 23, 2010



Track 1 - Anybody Can Be A Nobody
Track 2 - You Need Love Like I Do (Don't Fight That Feeling)
Track 3 - Portrait Of My Stepfather
Track 4 - These Arms Of Mine
Track 5 - Think I Better Rest
Track 6 - I Will Sing For You (If you Dance For Me)
Track 7 - Drop It On Me
Track 8 - Everybody Needs Love Sometime

Bobby Williams returned in 1976 and it appears he had lost some of his mojo after "Funky Superfly". The James Brown influences have been tempered and replaced with more of a Curtis Mayfield soul vibe, complete with female backing vocals. As a stand alone record it is a solid listen but I think it's a bit of a victim of the period, falling between the funk explosion of the early 70's and the disco of the late 70's. It's worth downloading though because it is quite hard to find on the internet and occasionally the old Bobby pops up and makes things funky, like on the last track "Everybody Needs Love Sometime".

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