Thursday, December 16, 2010


Track 1 - We Three Konami
Track 2 - Ryu The Red Nosed Ninja
Track 3 - Silent Knight Man
Track 4 - Carol Of The Belmonts
Track 5 - Joy To Commando
Track 6 - Deck The Kremlin
Track 7 - Little Drummer Nemo
Track 8 - The Legend Of Noel
Track 9 - Super Jingle Bros.

Here is Part 1 of a novel Christmas themed album released for free by Doctor Octoroc containing well known Xmas jingles done in the style of various Nintendo computer games. An interesting twist on the 8 bit music scene and a retro gamers delight!

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Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

jesus is dead 8 beat link ?

I visit you this last night and i say it's a amazing auditorium here♥♥♥