Thursday, December 30, 2010


Track 1 - Betty's Theme
Track 2 - Never Ending Melody
Track 3 - Grasshopper
Track 4 - Shanty Blues
Track 5 - Weedhopper
Track 6 - Razor J
Track 7 - Snake
Track 8 - Kungfusion
Track 9 - Incense Of Essence

You might look at the cover art and expect this to be a serious funk explosion but in fact this kung fu / action soundtrack is filled with frenetic, organ heavy jazz and soul. You wont find too many soundtracks that are this relentless, even the final track starts off slowly but soon enough the flute and keyboards take over and send you off on another heavy, smoky freakout. I've never seen the movie but it has a rating of 1.9/10 at IMDB so I don't think it is a particularly loved motion picture, but at least we got an excellent collection of music as a byproduct.

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Looks great.

Thank you!