Sunday, December 12, 2010


Track 1 - La Volta Stellare
Track 2 - Approdo Lunare
Track 3 - Azione Sindacale
Track 4 - Correnti Aeree
Track 5 - Dolomiti
Track 6 - Produzione
Track 7 -  Musici
Track 8 - Eliogabalus
Track 9 - Attività
Track 10 -  Scoop
Track 11 - Soundmaker Blues
Track 12 - Synthetic Water
Track 13 - Synthy Bossa Nova
Track 14 - Il Santone Dell'Isola
Track 15 - Nostalgia
Track 16 - Synthy Time
Track 17 - Calcolatori Elettronici

Piero Umiliani was an Italian composer of soundtracks and library music who was active during the 1960's and 70's. His most well known soundtracks include Il CorpoQuesto Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso and Svezia Inferno E Paradiso (from which came the track "Mah Na Mah Na" made famous by The Muppets and to a lesser extent, Benny Hill.) but I think his most exciting work came in the form of library records such as "To-Day's Sound" (coming soon to Funky Frolic) and the Musica Elettronica collections. This album takes synths and various electronic noises, combines them with sparse percussion to create weird and wonderful atmospheres. Sometimes ominous, sometimes playful, always intriguing, this is an important document in the evolution of electronic music.

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