Friday, December 24, 2010


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Track 1 - Mystery Movie Theme
Track 2 - The Streets Of San Francisco
Track 3 - Bumper's Theme
Track 4 - Medley: Kojak/S.W.A.T
Track 5 - Baretta's Theme
Track 6 - The Rockford Files
Track 7 - Hawaii Five-O
Track 8 - Police Woman

A great selection of cop show tracks from the soundtrack master Henry Mancini. Lots of groovy cinematic funk is featured on this one, with a liberal use of horns and strings adding depth and extra swing to what were already super compositions. Several of the songs will be instantly recognizable ("The Streets Of San Francisco" has even been used on an episode of the Simpsons). This is a good addition to any crime funk collection that you may have going and is certainly a must for those familiar with the excellent work of Mancini.

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Anonymous said...

Compliments from italy! Your funky stuff is so damn good! Well... this link's dead, it's possible to re-up?