Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Track 1 - The Fix
Track 2 - What's Cooking
Track 3 - Cut To Music
Track 4 - Man Alive
Track 5 - Funky Footage
Track 6 - Breezin'
Track 7 -Good Vibrations
Track 8 -Sun Goddess
Track 9 - Love De Luxe
Track 10 - Snake Hips

One of my favourite KPM recordings, this was released in 1976 by the great Keith Mansfield. Lots of cool grooves on this one with the tight drumming, wah wah guitar and funky horns taking centre stage. "Breezin" is straight up jazz funk, "Love De Luxe" is the perfect track for getting intimate with that special lady in your life, and "What's Cooking" has been sampled by hip hop group Ugly Duckling. You can sense the impending disco explosion in some of the mid album tracks (like many library music composers Mansfield would mould his compositions to the prevailing public tastes while adding his own style and imagination). These tracks are somewhat longer than the usual production music fare, clocking in at 3 minutes plus which gives plenty of scope for some nice organ and sax solos throughout.


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iv beatz said...

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