Monday, December 5, 2011


Recently I was approached by Clement from French website One Shot Music to do an interview regarding Funky Frolic. It was humbling to receive this request and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss blogging and my love of music. The interview was posted today and I'm really happy with how it came out. You can check it out here.

In other news I am in the process of gathering a bunch of obscure / funky Christmas albums and will start posting them in the next week or so. I'm also in the early phases of putting together an advertising / production themed mix which should be ready around New Year's.

As always I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have left kind messages, it's always nice to log in for the day and find some words of support. It makes it all worthwhile. I know there are plenty of you who visit and don't leave messages but considering the amount of pageviews and downloads I get it's clear that many of you find the blog enjoyable and continue to return, so thank you one and all.

Funky Frolic out.


bark said...

"Funky Christmas albums". Does that exist? Well, I'll trust you on that one.

Thanks for the great music!

iZen said...

Being one of the frequent visitors that has not left a far as I recall... I guess it's time I put fingers to key pad.
First, the Roger Roger & Nino Nardini post is one that I have not heard before and I thank you for that. Can't get enough of those guys.
Second, your choice of posts in choosing from the many styles of "library" music is right in line with my particular taste. Nearly everything posted on Funky Frolic goes right into permanent rotation here at the ZenArcade. Again, Thanks for that.
Finally, I'm hoping your interest and energy level will continue for some time. Purely selfish I admit, but you've become one of my main suppliers that's feeding my habit.
I'm not involved in blogging but you can drop by the ZenArcade at Podomatic for free music mixes. Your sure to find tracks lifted from the Funky Frolic.
Cheers and thanks for music.

Anonymous said...'re the man!

Budd said...

Great interview Craig! It's good to see you get recognition for all your effort Nice one dude!!

Lord Summerisle said...

That was a great read, Craig. It's good to get to know a bit about the man behind the music!
I just wanted to say thanks for the great selections you've been good enough to supply us with. Every time a post comes up in my Google Reader from FF I just know it's going to be a right little stormer!

Also, while I'm here could I ask your help? I'm currently after a Bruton album - Way Ahead (BRG 11). It's proving a little elusive for me and wondered if you had a link for it.

Anyhoo, keep up the great work.


Master Tang said...

I randomly stumbled into your blog, and I love it! Good tunes and all that~! Um, Christmas songs? Adverts? Yeah, a lot of that is out there! And can be found all over...
My question is this; Does the Christmas stuff need to be musical or can it be story line type stuff?????? (Think the 6Million Dollar Man Christmas...)

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks everyone!

@Master Tang - Shhhhh! I'm planning to post 6 Million Dollar Man next week : )

@bark - Yeah there is a few out there, most notably "Funky Christmas" by James Brown which I posted last year.

@Lord Summerisle - That Bruton doesn't ring a bell but I'll have a search around for it. If I find it then I'll post it up for you.

@iZen - Good to hear that I'm your go-to guy for grooves. I'll be sure to check out your mixes!

Jason said...

Happy Holidays to you, Mr. Craig! As always, your contribution to this site and the new breath you give to these songs brings joy with every update. Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year!

September 70 Sounds said...

well done mr craig. It's nice to have your hard work validated, and you always have quality output. Thanks for your support when i started blogging, it's greatly appreciated. Have a great xmas and a productive new year.