Saturday, December 18, 2010



Track 1 - Smash And Grab
Track 2 - Love Power
Track 3 - Triumph Stag
Track 4 - Man Of Constant Sorrow
Track 5 - Giggity (Alright)
Track 6 - Little Of Spot Of Soul
Track 7 - Lost Due To Incompetence
Track 8 - Light The Fuse
Track 9 - Wet Your Beak
Track 10 - Ruby's Revenge
Track 11 - Matador
Track 12 - Husky
Track 13 - Soul Bossanova

Skeewiff is a London based group consisting of Alex Rizzo and Elliot Ireland. Their music is a sublime mix of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and go-go all wrapped together to form songs that inspire you to hit the dancefloor! "Smash And Grab" sounds like a funked up James Bond theme,  "Love Power" is a super soul stomper, "Triumph Stag" features the irrepressible organ work of Alan Hawkshaw and Soul Bossanova will be familiar to any fan of the Austin Powers movies. A solid collection of grooves to suit all moods.

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