Monday, December 6, 2010


Track 1 - Peggy / Puccio Roelens
Track 2 - Watermelon Man / Marcello Minerbi
Track 3 - Mab, Mystic Woman / Capricorn College
Track 4 - Scotch Baal / Mario Molino
Track 5 - El Paso / The Miragemen
Track 6 - Chitarra Sit / Mario Moline e i Beats
Track 7 - Dirty Feet / Reddy Bobbio e Il Suo Complesso
Track 8 - Sfogliando La Margherita / Giovanni Lamberti Orchestra
Track 9 - Capricorn College / Capricorn College Brass
Track 10 - Sketch / I Marc 4
Track 11 - To Rebound / Giuliano Sorgini e i Visconti
Track 12 - Marshall Jim 100 / I Califfi
Track 13 - Wonder / Marc 4
Track 14 - Ice Dream / Caruso And Blue Sensation Orchestra
Track 15 - Also Sprach Zarathustra / Ciato & Ciato’s
Track 16 - Jet Society / Cordara Orchestra

Super, super groovy stuff is presented here in the first disk of the excellent Mo'Plen series of Italian 70's library music. The tag line for this disk is "Easy Turbo Sound In A Trippy Deluxe!" whatever that might mean. The Italians really knew how to make great mood music and you will find something for everybody with this collection. What makes it so good is that there is a more complex and fuller sound than most library music without becoming overwrought or self indulgent. Up, down and mid tempo tracks are all delivered with skill. You'll find funky breakbeats, laid back piano lines and slick brass winding its way through the always great guitar work. This is highly recommended.

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