Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Track 1 - Gluckskugel (Title)
Track 2 - Gluckskugel (The Race)
Track 3 - Oederlin
Track 4 - Les Electroniciens
Track 5 - Soft Art Theme
Track 6 - Lilith (Singing In The Dark)
Track 7 - Lilith (The Dance)
Track 8 - Lilith (On The Way)
Track 9 - Drillin'
Track 10 - Wer Gwunnt (Who Wins?)

A truly mesmerising collection of electronic innovation, experimentation and inspiration from Swiss born Bruno Spoerri. Starting off as a jazz musician, he went on to compose music for television and other commercial ventures before experimenting with synthesisers and electronics around 1968. This selection of music combines synthesisers with industrial noises, manipulated female vocals and traditional instruments to create a sort of jazz fusion insanity like nothing I've heard before. Hopefully in the future people will look back on this type of groundbreaking work with the same reverence that classical music is given today because it deserves every bit of it.

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