Sunday, December 19, 2010


Track 1 - New Bell / Manu Dibango
Track 2 - Zombie / Fela Kuti
Track 3 - Who Is He And What Is He To You / Bill Withers
Track 4 - You Can't Hide Love / Hummingbird
Track 5 - Just Kissed My Baby / The Meters
Track 6 - Truth Don't Die / Femi Kuti
Track 7 - Galaxy / War
Track 8 - Home Is Where The Hatred Is / Gil Scott Heron
Track 9 - Give The People What They Want / The O'Jays
Track 10 - Livin' It Up / Mandrill
Track 11 - Sorrow, Tears And Blood / Fela Kuti
Track 12 - A Chance For Peace / Lonnie Liston Smith

A dope selection of funky cuts from the IF 99 radio station featured in the Grand Theft Auto 4 computer game. GTA always bring their A Game as far as track selection goes and this is one of the best mixes they have ever compiled. Every song is a winner with classics from Femi Kuti, The Meters and Gil Scott Heron etc. Thanks to the uploader.


Max Frost said...

This one is a lot of fun, and being an old guy I would never have known about this. Are there any other GTA soundtracks like this around?

Mr. Craig said...

I will have a look around for you. There has been some awesome music featured on the GTA games but I think this is probably the best of the best. Cheers.