Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Track 1 - Monsieur Dutour
Track 2 - Cha Tatch Ka
Track 3 - Ala Mia Thra
Track 4 - Autoscopie
Track 5 - La Gigouille
Track 6 - Le Pain, Le Vin
Track 7 - La Valse Du Vepar
Track 8 - Les Lahoutes
Track 9 - Meut's Boogie
Track 10 - De Temps En Temps
Track 11 - Bave A Roi
Track 12 - Sister Charlotte Abbaye

Until I checked out this album I had pigeon holed Bernard Estardy as being mostly an electronic music composer ( see "Electronics" by Estardy and Alain Poinsot ) but this is a completely different beast! Don't let the pensive cover art fool you there are some unbelievably groovy nuggets contained within, the production values are just out of this world for a 1967 release and the whole record has a fresh sound that belies it's age. In terms of genres I guess it has a french soundtrack / jazz vibe but tracks like the circus evoking "Bave A Roi" and the slamming "Cha Tatch Ka" defy any existing labels. Some of songs also have vocals with the best probably being "Sister Charlotte Abbaye". My only criticism would be that some of the tracks fade out leaving the listener begging for more. This is definitely one to check out! Thanks to the uploader.


Anonymous said...

aren't you ever gonna post any new rips? this one, like so many others i had hoped were some new take or rip on familiar blog themes, is just another regurgitated post. for shame

the jazzstronaut said...

Thank you Mr Craig, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

iZen said...

Cha Tatch Ka....

Need I say More?


Stack said...

thanks for this Estardy gem! some of it is so Gainsbourg... love that stuff.
btw, i believe this was first released in 1969.


Mr. Craig said...

Dear Anon,

You are entitled to your criticism. However this blog is dedicated to sharing the music I love, it has nothing to do with me posting unique albums so that I can show off. Sure, almost everything at this blog can be found elsewhere on the internet but I don't see that as a reason not to express my passion for music and try to share it with a wider audience. If you want exclusive rips then feel free to visit Val Verde, Dusty Shelf, The Growing Bin or any number of fine blogs. You don't have to come here if you dont want to.

To everyone else, cheers!

Mr. Primate said...

One of my favourite albums and at a higher bitrate than I currently have. Thank you for the share!

Toondoof said...

When will this madness end Mr Craig.. when? Tell me, the goodnes just keeps coming. Regurgitated or not, it all tastes gooooood.