Sunday, December 18, 2011


Track 1 - Koun'Toupack
Track 2 - Chut Bebe Dort
Track 3 - Dans C'cas La Oui
Track 4 - Retour De Flamme
Track 5 - Ne Parlons Pas De Rien
Track 6 - Reveil Matin
Track 7 - In Ne S'est Rien Passe
Track 8 - Pas Un Brin De Vent
Track 9 - 4 Pas Et Demi
Track 10 - Ne Le Refait Jamais Plus
Track 11 - Perdigouna
Track 12 - Un Bouquet De Cerises
Track 13 - Pastagam
Track 14 - La Tete Qui Bout

I first came into contact with Godchild through the excellent "La Tete Qui Bout" which features on the "La Guepe Vol.4" compilation. Here is the original album from which that track was sourced and I am happy to report that the rest of the music is of a similarly high quality. The words "holy grail" are thrown around quite a bit in library music / rare groove circles but it's fair to say that "Godchild" qualifies for this compliment alongside other classics such as "Under Pompelmo" by Giuliano Sorgini and "Accadde A" by Arawak. Released in 1972 or 1975 depending on who you ask, it contains some thrilling breakbeats, jazzy horns and plenty of well executed electric piano along with a couple of vocal numbers. There are numerous tempo changes that keep the listener on their toes while still maintaining a consistently cool vibe throughout.

This record was re-released in 2002 by Kid Loco, or at the very least it contains three remixes by him. You can download those remixes here. Thankfully that re-release exists because otherwise you would need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an original copy ( I saw one on the internet go for $685 U.S ). Or of course you can download it here right now!


broshing said...

Pure awesomeness! I have been after this one for too long! Thanks

Anonymous said...

A groovy library indeed, but Godchild is not actually the "artist" here (that's the title). The artist is Jean-Claude Pierric, prolific French "librarian".

Mr. Craig said...

Well, yes and no. Pierric did indeed compose most of the tracks and was the brains behind the project but there are numerous examples (La Guepe Vol.4 among them) where the "artist" is credited as Godchild. Whether the album should be credited to Jean-Claude Pierric or Godchild is debatable, so I decided to go with Godchild.

Funkyfil44 said...

when I was a child in the 70's, you can find in french supermarket on low price under the name of "orchestre les tréteaux" these vinyl with some french musicians like JC Pierric, Daniel Janin, Francois Rolland ...
take a look on the compilation "The french pop and soul experience vol 1" from the Hi and Fly records label...

Simon666 said...


Varon Dandy said...

Thank you! La Tete Qui Bout has got one awesome catalan rumba touch.

Holly said...

Thank you! And here's some useful info via youtube (!):
ploaded by lestreteaux on Nov 23, 2009

From the LP "Godchild", "Les Tréteaux", LP6286, track 6, 1975. Direction artistique : Joël Daydé et Jean-Claude Pierric. Song written by Gérard Breton. Photo : Jean Eric Pasquier.
Bass - Rémi Dall'anese
Cor Anglais - Yves Valada
Drums / Percussion - Jacki Cataldo
Guitar - Bernard Algarra , Gérard Breton , Rémi Dall'anese
Piano - Roger Poulet
Producer - Jean-Claude Pierric , Joël Dayde
Saxophone / Flute - René Chave
Trombone - Alex Perdigon , Richard Galliano
Trumpet - Guy Bardet , Karo, Michel Loubière

This is the LP every serious funk collectors are looking for. Coordinated by Jean Claude Pierric and some secret weapons (Joel Dayde, Eric Leton..), evey tracks are gifted by the god of groove. More various than Harlem P.T, the musical spectrum ranges from blaxplo/chase theme/funky orchestra tracks ("Koun'toukoupak", the baad bass of "Chut Bebe Dort", "Pas Un Brin de Vent") to typical french scat ("Dans C'cas La Oui", "Reveil Matin"), massive hip hop beats ("Perdigouna", "La Tete Qui Bout") and of course these easy jazz funk arrangements with superb electric piano moments JC Pierric is well known for ("Retour De Flamme", "Un Bouquet De Cerise"). But the major thing with Godchild, similar to every great albums, is that you like it more and more after every listening.

Funkyfil44 said...

JC PIERRIC died at the age of 71 on february 6th 2012
He was with Daniel JANIN one of the most prolific musician and producer of french library
RIP JC Pierric