Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Track 1 - Appuntamento Al Porto
Track 2 - Walking On The Moon
Track 3 - Fish Food
Track 4 - Momento Suspense
Track 5 - Secret Lovers
Track 6 - S'apercevoir
Track 7 - Mac Guffin
Track 8 - Inst4action
Track 9 - Regolamento Di Conti
Track 10 - Any Questions?
Track 11 - Supablax
Track 12 - The Fixer
Track 13 - Un Grosso Guaio
Track 14 - Regolamento (End Titles)

"Pilot" is part blaxploitation, part crime funk, part jazz funk and with a nod towards modern hip hop sampling. It could easily be a 1970's Italian cop film soundtrack but was produced only last year and released on the excellent La Douce label. Many of the tracks weigh in at over six minutes and take you on a dramatic, tension charged journey through a world filled with groovy drumming and menacing horns. I especially like the use of keyboard and organ on this one. Thanks to Rappamelo for the link.

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