Monday, August 22, 2011


Track 1 - Special Delivery / Keith Mansfield
Track 2 - Speedbird 1 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 3 - Speedbird 2 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 4 - Speedbird 3 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 5 - Full Blast 1 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 6 - Full Blast 2 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 7 - High Adventure 1 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 8 - High Adventure 2 / Jeremy Lubbock
Track 9 - Flying Colours 1 / David Lindup
Track 10 - Flying Colours 2 / David Lindup
Track 11 - Pacerace / John Fiddy
Track 12 - Supercity / John Fiddy
Track 13 - Speed / Francis Monkman
Track 14 - G-Force / Francis Monkman
Track 15 - Fuel Injection / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 16 - The Speed Of Sound / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 17 - Synchronous / Steve Gray
Track 18 - Silverstone / Miki Anthony & Tom Parker
Track 19 - Bass Drive / MacDonald, Rae, De Souza
Track 20 - Deadline Destination / I.Martin & B.Dee

I've said before at Funky Frolic how much I adore the BRK series from Bruton and this is another gem in the crown. The tracks are composed by some of the greats of the period and given that BRK's lean toward action and activity themed music there is much scope for over the top grooves. A certain spy / go go / playboy vibe runs through the whole record and occasionally there are hints that give away this was released in the late 70's. Highlights include opening number "Special Delivery" by Keith Mansfield, "Fuel Injection" by Alan Hawkshaw and the bizarre tempo changes comprised within "Speedbird 1" by Jeremy Lubbock but I'm sure you will find your own favourites. It's all very dramatic, uptempo and oh so funky! Special thanks to Killa at Key-Lo Music for passing this record on to me.


Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot for this :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Craig, let me just say how much I appreciate all of the effort you put into this site and for the joy this music brings to me daily. I have a playlist of over 1,000 songs culled from your pages and it has brought much joy to my life. Of course we can thank the artists for that as well but without people like you this music would be lost to obscurity. Thank you! - Jason, San Francisco, CA

Mr. Craig said...

Let me just say in return that I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a lovely message. It's great to know that I have been able to spread the music I love to ears across the world.

Tex said...

Dittos to what Jason said. My hard drive is rapidly filling up with Library Music, to the point I regularly have to decide which non-Library albums get saved off to the external TB drive.

Funky Frolic is the first site I check for audiophonic goodies--it's never a dull album from here, and I thank you for that, Mr.C.



Anonymous said...

link seems dead - would love a reup!

Mr. Craig said...

I just checked it and the link was working fine. Maybe give it another go?

Américo said...

This is gold!

Just marking: There's a TV Broadcast in Brazil called SBT (TVS through the 80's). They're well known to use some Bruton albuns as background music for some promos. The last four chords on the track "Special Delivers" used to be their ID promo around 1982.

Talking about the album, Deadline Destination and High Adventure is one of the best ones. This Bruton really worth a lot!
And thanks to Mr. Craig we have it here, like said Jason on his comment.