Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi folks, hope you're all enjoying my posts out there. I'm having lots of fun building up the blog and in 2 days time it will be Funky Frolic's 1 month anniversary! I have been working hard on a mix tape of various groovy tunes and plan to release it on Christmas Day so that you have a little something extra in your stocking this year. You can do a favour or two for me aswell - please leave a comment if you enjoy the site or like a particular post and if you find a bad link at any time let me know. Also, if you have any requests I will try to see what I can do (no promises!). Have a great holidays, and stay tuned for more funky fun.


lastofthegoodwins said...

Thanks for the great blog and the funky, funky music. Have a great Holiday season.

Dave said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying the great shares you have put up so far!! Still getting caught up but there's some awesome music here -- thanks for all your work!!


Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Dave, it's always good to hear from someone who is new to the site. I hope you visit again soon!

Anonymous said...

I had to stop for a little while as i was downloading most of the links in here...:)),to say a big big thanks!!!
Amazing blog Mr.Craig amazing!
Tons of good good music!
Greets from Greece.