Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Track 1 - Island In The Sky
Track 2 - Search For Tomorrow
Track 3 - The Game
Track 4 - Lara's Rainbow
Track 5 - Metropia
Track 6 - Pleasure Dome 12
Track 7 - Ian's Orbit
Track 8 - Escape
Track 9 - Endless Tunnels
Track 10 - The Silver Garden

This is the soundtrack to the imaginary sequel of "Logan's Run" as performed by Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Air, Jellyfish) and Brian Reitzell (Redd Cross). They used vintage synths and keyboards to produce a truly authentic 1970's vibe which incorporates electronica, funk and dramatic atmospheres into a cohesive and exciting collage of sound. There is one vocal track "Search For Tomorrow" featuring the talents of Jason Falkner. Whether you have seen the original film or not, this is a unique and rewarding experience.

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