Saturday, December 25, 2010


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CK 713

Track 1 - Insects
Track 2 - Self Service Laundry
Track 3 - Car Sales
Track 4 - Money Loans
Track 5 - Phonograph Records
Track 6 - Car Service
Track 7 - Beauty Salon
Track 8 - Body & Fender Shop
Track 9 - Boating
Track 10 - Barber Shop
Track 11 - Bottled Gas
Track 12 - Drag Races
Track 13 - Butane Gas
Track 14 - Men's Clothing
Track 15 - Candy

CK 714

Track 1 - Ride The Bus
Track 2 - Ride The Bus 2
Track 3 - Moving Trucks
Track 4 - Moving Trucks 2
Track 5 - Loans
Track 6 - Furniture
Track 7 - Portraits
Track 8 - Tire Company
Track 9 - Tire Company 2
Track 10 - New Homes
Track 11 - New Homes 2
Track 12 - Gardens
Track 13 - Gardens 2
Track 14 - Auto Road Service
Track 15 - Pizza

This is a real gem that I discovered during my daily internet foraging. It is a collection of 30 to 60 second advertising spots created as a generic background for businesses promoting such varied products as furniture, pizza and bottled gas. Not only is the music fabulously kitsch with a groovy 1960's lounge vibe to it but the lyrics are often hilarious aswell, for example -

from "Candy"

"Selling quality candy is a really swinging biz
 Our candy is the sweetest thing, next to you that is"

from "Tire Company"

"Rolling rolling rolling, our tires are rolling
 You see them rolling everywhere
 There must be a reason you see more every season
 We'll show you if you stop and compare"

These records are so much fun and an absolute must for production music fans or anyone into obscure / oddball LP's. I will have to hunt around and see if I can find more of this type of recording to share with you. Thanks to the original uploader.


Muff Diver said...

I must have downloaded this 6 months ago. It's still a gem, like a musical time capsule!

My only wish is that we had a date for these 2 LPs. Discogs has nadda.

I never thanked you the first time, Mr. Craig, so I'm thanking you now.


Mr. Craig said...

Thanks very much MD! By the way I just had a look at your blogger profile and saw you gave me a shout out : )

Throw an email my way and I just might happen to have some more advertising music/jingles that I could pass on to you.