Saturday, April 23, 2011


Link has been removed due to a record label request.

Track 1 - Main Theme
Track 2 - Hard Drugs
Track 3 - A Girl Loves Cheng Li
Track 4 - China Shake
Track 5 - Big Boss & His Gang
Track 6 - Revenge & Corruption
Track 7 - China Love
Track 8 - Dream For Two
Track 9 - Blood & Dead Friends
Track 10 - Amulet
Track 11 - Finding The Drugs
Track 12 - Tromboneman Is Falling In
Track 13 - Yellow
Track 14 - Cheng Li & His Friends
Track 15 - Bruce Lee Forever
Track 16 - Mukuri
Track 17 - Under Control
Track 18 - Malaparte Sinus
Track 19 - The Fist Of Fury
Track 20 - Moontown
Track 21 - EKG
Track 22 - Communication In Hyperspace

Peter Thomas presents this very Euro-centric take on the kung fu soundtrack and the results are certainly unique. There are still elements of your typical Hong Kong style score but they are infused with a German big band / jazz sound and then given the full Thomas treatment ( "Dream For Two" is a good example of his penchant for sound manipulation and spacey experimentation ). If you're after super funky stuff then there is plenty on offer with "Amulet", "Cheng Li & His Friends", "Under Control" and "Hard Drugs" all fitting the bill. However for those who are more familiar with Peter's electronic work the last few tracks will be of particular interest. It really is a fascinating mix and rates among the best soundtracks I have in my collection. Thanks to the original uploader.


Dirkson said...

Hell yeah! This is a super nice movie!

"Enter the Dragon" may be better though but this sure is morable :-)

Thanks for the tracks!

Mike said...

'The Big Boss' has always been an interesting point in Bruce Lee's life from my perspective. It was the beginning of the infamous feud between Bruce and Lo Wei. The movie itself has a lot of interesting background details and incidents, such as the scenes which wound up getting pulled from the film altogether. A few of those can be viewed in the theatrical trailer. There was no air conditioning to be found in Thailand and the weather was unbearably hot. Bruce would write to Linda about how unbearably hot it was in Thailand, how they had no air conditioners. James Tien co-starred as a fallback plan because the studio wasn't convinced that a 'newcomer' like Bruce could cut it in that industry. Ironically, after the emergence of Bruce, James went from being a lead star to filling more smaller roles. He doesn't like to do interviews with regards to Bruce, probably because he resents the fact that Bruce came along and took the spotlight away.

Mr. Craig said...

Mike, you might be able to help me with this one. I saw a kung fu movie as a teenager that I loved, it revolved around a guy who walked through the countryside carrying a chair and he used this chair to assist him in beating the crap out of his enemies. The film ended with an epic 15 minute fight scene on top of a cliff. Any ideas of the name??

Mike said...

I had to do some research but it appears to be 'Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu' where there's a fight with a stool and it ends with a climatic end fight on a mountain summit.

I could be wrong though. Have a look.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for checking that out for me. Sadly it isn't the film I was thinking of. Tried to do some searches myself but there has been a lot of water under the bridge since I saw it. Oh well.

Mike said...

Hmm, well I'll keep it in mind for whenever I'm looking through MA films.

September 70 Sounds said...

Great post as always Mr Craig.

Just as a matter of interest, the film that you mention, does it have an epic battle where 2 guys leap around and balance precariously on chairs as if gravity hasn't been invented? If it's the same movie I'm thinking of (which I'd love to find out the title of) it was amazing.

I can't recall if the protagonist roamed the countryside wielding furniture, as if I could forget a minor character trait like that !

Mr. Craig said...

The problem I'm having is that there are so many films out there with action scenes involving chairs/stools, this one was pretty unique though. I'll never get over that final scene - one on one, beating the living daylights out of each other for 15 minutes.

September 70 Sounds said...

Sounds like most of the pubs I used to frequent in Scotland :-)

Mr. Craig said...


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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