Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Track 1 - Up From The South
Track 2 - T.I.B.W.F
Track 3 - Budos Theme
Track 4 - Ghost Walk
Track 5 - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Track 6 - Sing A Simple Song
Track 7 - Eastbound
Track 8 - Aynotchesh Yererfu
Track 9 - King Charles
Track 10 - The Volcano Song
Track 11 - Across The Atlantic

This is the 2005 debut from the Budos Band. The group consists of between 10 to 13 members depending on requirements and are based in Staten Island, New York City. I like to think of their sound as being like an African funk band that has become lost in the Amazon, smoked a lot of heroin and then started playing. It is heavy, smoky and pulsating with a depth of sound you would expect from having all those members. This album is all quality and is an excellent addition to any funk or afro music collection. It was released by the fantastic Daptone Records.


sy said...

Hey, good blog too1 I've linked you, could you do the same?

Summo said...

The is brilliant. Rich, full sound. Love the stick percussion. Reminiscent of 'Amorphous Androgynous'.

Dr S. L. Baltimore said...

NOW that is RIGHTEOUS !!!

Doc SL


Max Frost said...

Wow, how did I miss these guys??? I went out and bought their other two albums after hearing this on your blog. Great post, thanks.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Max. I also have the other albums by Budos but I wanted people to do exactly what you did and purchase them. I agree, they're awesome.

Funkyfil44 said...

yeah ! so much pleasure to have meet THOMAS BRENNECK the guitarist of the BUDOS BAND (thanks to him for autographed my 3 albums of the BUDOS BAND) on february 26th 2011 in NANTES (FRANCE) after the GIG of LEE FIELDS and CHARLES BRADLEY during their 2011 European tour
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