Friday, December 31, 2010


Track 1 - Quest
Track 2 - Quest (Fast)
Track 3 - Computermatic
Track 4 - Frontier To Knowledge
Track 5 - The Pattern Emerges
Track 6 - Freeze Frame
Track 7 - Plodding Power
Track 8 - Busy Microbes
Track 9 - Liquid Energy
Track 10 - Liquid Energy (Bubbling Energy)
Track 11 - No Man's Land
Track 12 - Depression
Track 13 - Nightwalker
Track 14 - Electrostrings
Track 15 - Electrobuild
Track 16 - Celestial Cantabile
Track 17 - Effervescence
Track 18 - The Wizards Laboratory
Track 19 - Shock Chords

For all those who thought library music was the sole domain of men, here is an exceptional KPM release composed by Delia Derbyshire along with  Brian Hodgson and Australian born Don Harper. This recording from 1972 contains 19 sparse, hypnotic electronic compositions which mostly come in under the 2 minute mark. Delia did a great deal of work for the BBC in the 60's and early 70's and is most well known for producing the original theme music for Dr.Who. She achieved plenty over the course of a 40 year musical career which was cut short by her death in 2001, aged 64. This album was re-released in 2006 by Glo Spot Records with a limited edition run of l000 copies.


Ian Van Groove said...

Woah! Glad you mentioned 'Delia elsewhere' 'cos I wouldn't have wanted to miss this. I've become very fond of her lately, particularly when I hear her speak (thanks to YouTube), she had an exquisite English accent that you simply don't hear much anymore. Also, working at the BBC radiophonic workshop, she must've cut quite a glamorous figure amongst all those beards 'n' specs! Not only another esteemed electronic pioneer but a babe of sonic proportions!

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah she was quite the looker, especially when you compare her to the stern school teacher appearance of Oram.

Anonymous said...

Wow,she composed the original Dr. Who theme... I had no idea until today who did that. Thanks a ton for sharing this with us!