Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Track 1 - Way Out (Intro)
Track 2 - Motorcycle Ride
Track 3 - Jelly Dancers
Track 4 - Abracadabra
Track 5 - Mudra
Track 6 - American Eagle
Track 7 - OK Robot
Track 8 - Coco The Coconut
Track 9 - Hand Jive
Track 10 - Army Ants In You Pants
Track 11 - Clocks
Track 12 - Popcorn
Track 13 - Squarefinger
Track 14 - Upside Down
Track 15 - Funky Little Song

When I think of groundbreaking pioneers of electronic music three names immediately spring to mind - Raymond Scott, Robert Moog and Bruce Haack. All three invented their own music devices and were incredibly creative in the way they used those devices to produce compositions the world had never heard before. On this record Haack is joined by dance teacher Esther Nelson and together they create a magical world of wonderment. The liner notes sum things up well...

"Feel the energy! Mind blowing action songs for children and adults. Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson have created to this day some of the most unique teaching concepts ever devised. He writes the words, lyrics and music which he performs and engineers mostly on electronic instruments he invented and built by hand. She writes and vocalizes their fanciful flights of imagination. Informational lyrics spoken against electronic jazz-rock. Elements of soul, rock, baroque, bluegrass, "Galactic" ethnic and medieval music are skillfully combined to produce songs of magic which instantly intensifies and directs the joyful communication between teachers and students, People with People."

You might think "Ah, this is just a record for kids" but the songs are so left of centre and so intriguing that they have a way of drawing you into their hallucinogenic world. This is a compilation of several releases made on the Dimension 5 label of which Haack was an owner.

"Sure it's nice to be famous; but I'm more interested in obtaining a telepathic following. I'd rather contact people through my medium." Bruce Haack.

Find out more about Bruce here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Haack

Thankyou to Val Verde Music for the link.


Holly said...

Thank you VERY much.

Mr. Craig said...

Glad I could help Holly.

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

one day a old friend put electric lucifer on his turnable and after i never earind music in the same way?????
For the moment no "manathan project" and "raymond scott" music leason to it....
i'm sure your love it

Mr. Craig said...

Don't worry, Manhattan Project is coming soon! : )