Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ian Van Groove from Van Groove Express contacted me a while back and floated the idea that we should produce compilations and post them at each other's blogs. I thought this was a fine idea and after many an email the concept has come to fruition. It's great to give a fellow blogger some much deserved exposure and this compilation is a good representation of what you can find over at Van Groove Express. I don't really need to say much about the music presented on this collection, with names such as Jimmy McGriff, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Smith, David Axelrod and Grant Green you can expect the highest possible quality of jazz funk grooves. My personal picks would be the excellent "Mucho Chupar" by Axelrod which manages to effectively combine several different genres into 3 short minutes and "The Web" by Hampton Hawes, a barnstorming slab of organ and breakbeats. Grant Green's "In The Middle" also deserves a mention because to my ears it sounds quite similar to afro funk.

Ian will be posting my compilation entitled "Modern Funk" at his blog sometime today so head on over to check it out and have a good look around while your are there. I'm hoping this will be the beginning of a series of guest compilations at Funky Frolic so stay tuned for further editions.


jazzobsessive said...

Thanks to you & Ian for producing these comps.

Great stuff & really enjoying.

Looking forward to further editions.

Holly said...

Thank you Mr. Craig & Ian! Super idea & execution

Le Pape des Escargots said...

Beau travail messieurs !

Use smart, powerful and enjoyable!

Bravo !