Friday, February 10, 2012


Track 1 - Jet City
Track 2 - The Right Track
Track 3 - To Kill 89
Track 4 - Bright Lights And You, Girl
Track 5 - The Cat
Track 6 - Mondo Edgar
Track 7 - Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
Track 8 - Klown Kar
Track 9 - Operation Bomba
Track 10 - Satans Shriners
Track 11 - Last Call
Track 12 - It Had Better Be Tonight
Track 13 - Rum Holiday
Track 14 - The Seks Bomba Theme Pt.1
Track 15 - The Seks Bomba Theme Pt.2

This is another in a long line of fake soundtracks put out in the late 1990's ( i.e - "Pornosonic", "Soul Ecstasy", "Logan's Sanctuary" and "The Revenge Of Mister Mopoji" ). The music is a mix of surf rock, spy jazz and swing with some vocals thrown in along the way. Highlights include the slow burning title track and the gorgeous Pell Mell-esque "Rum Holiday". Most of the tracks are bombastic, fun and very tongue in cheek but the execution is good enough to avoid any kind of kitschness. If you own a zoot suit then listening to this record might be the ideal time to liberate it from the wardrobe.

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Sounds like a good one.

Thank you!