Thursday, February 2, 2012


Track 1 - Sort Of Soul / Birds & Brass
Track 2 - Goofy / Brass Buttons
Track 3 - Upa Naguinho / Chris Karen
Track 4 - Black Friday / Sam Sklair
Track 5 - Theme From Shaft / Birds & Brass
Track 6 - The Way We Do It / Pete Moore & His Orchestra
Track 7 - Green Onions / Pete Moore & His Orchestra
Track 8 - Fritzy Baby / Birds & Brass
Track 9 - Mojave / Chris Karen
Track 10 - Tom, Dick And Harry / Harry Stoneham Sextet
Track 11 - The Raver / Harry Stoneham Sextet
Track 12 - American Woman / Birds & Brass
Track 13 - The Face That I Love / Chris Karen

This compilation contains a bunch of upbeat lounge / jazz tracks featuring plenty of brass, organ and wah wah. The performances by Birds & Brass are particularly nice and include a couple of groovy covers in the form of "Theme From Shaft" and "American Woman". The tracks by Chris Karen are more laid back and airy with "Mojave" been my personal fav and Pete Moore contributes a couple of swinging numbers mid album. I actually thought this was going to be a library comp prior to downloading and despite that not being the case I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. Top stuff.


I-FE said...

Nice one, this is a great CD of all those Rediffusion favourites. Some great Barbara Moore vocal work on this.

You can this CD dirt cheap on Amazon too.

Bron said...

I adore the Chris Karen songs on there, tried googling to find some info, a picture perhaps of the singer, nothing..