Monday, February 20, 2012



Track 1 - La Grande Piece De La Foire De La Rue Delaware / Malcolm Clark
Track 2 - Brio / John Baker
Track 3 - Adagio / Dick Mills
Track 4 - Geraldine / Roger Limb
Track 5 - Bath Time / Malcolm Clarke
Track 6 - Nenuphar / Malcolm Clarke & Glynis Jones
Track 7 - Accentric / John Baker
Track 8 - Major Bloodnok's Stomach / Dick Mills
Track 9 - The Panel Beaters / Paddy Kingsland
Track 10 - Crazy Dazy / Dick Mills
Track 11 - Veils And Mirrors / Glynis Jones
Track 12 - Romanescan Rout / Malcolm Clarke
Track 13 - Schlum Rooli / Glynis Jones
Track 14 - Kitten's Lullaby / Roger Limb
Track 15 - Chino / John Baker
Track 16 - Waltz Antipathy / Richard Yeoman-Clark
Track 17 - The World Of Science / Paddy Kingsland

There isn't any Oram or Derbyshire to be had but this compilation of BBC Radiophonic Workshop music still delivers the goods. The record is mostly split between quirky off kilter pop such as "Geraldine", "The Panel Beaters" and "The World Of Science" and the more serious and darker moods encompassed within "Veils And Mirrors", "Adagio", "Accentric" and "Nenuphar". From the remaining tracks the ethereal "Kitten's Lullaby" stands out from the pack along with a weird little sound effect that I presume was created specifically for The Goon Show. While far from being a definitive collection of Workshop music this is still a fascinating journey and well worth the trip. Credit goes to Slothy for the original rip.


Vinyl Room said...

What has gone wrong with RS lately, seems we don't seem to get a constant download stream of data and it takes much longer to fully download anything.


Mr. Craig said...

That's pretty much been my experience forever sadly. I've noticed Mediafire has been quite bad in recent times as well. Guess we'll have to live with it until some more file lockers spring up and take the load off.

Anonymous said...

i don't worry that much because there was a time before blogs and i bougth all the vinyls that i want/needed/afford/can find and still buyin' it, so who cares? lot of music will be lost for the future generations but i think they would not care, because this music we love will be really old fashioned then and just a few old dudes will listening to it.