Monday, January 30, 2012


Track 1 - Expectancy
Track 2 - Danger
Track 3 - Alchimie
Track 4 - Ostinato Bass
Track 5 - Like A Magic Dream
Track 6 - Cosmogony
Track 7 - Onirisme
Track 8 - Schizophreny

This Rene Costy album has a very rewarding mix of crime funk, crime jazz and atmospheres that will please those of you who enjoy the band Air. It may only be 8 tracks long but there's plenty of scope for the claustrophobic ( "Alchimie" ), the wistful ( "Like A Magic Dream" ) and the esoteric ( "Schizophreny" ). However, if you are purely looking for a funky trip then head straight to the fab "Danger" and "Ostinato Bass". It really is a great collection and probably ranks up there in the top dozen or so library records in my collection.


Your Pal Doug said...

Alrighty, you talked me into it.
Sounds juicy. I appreciate all your hard work.

Mr. Craig said...

Cheers Doug. Thanks for dropping by.

Lord Summerisle said...

A great album and I agree, definitely one of the better ones. My pick is certainly 'Danger'; great moody piece of cop funk.

Crazy B said...

i search this library album... do you have it?

especialy "Hor Light" :(

Anonymous said...

dude youre killing it! this record is crazy!

Thanks alot, you have one of the best blogs on the www!

Mr. Craig said...

@Crazy B - I don't have that record sorry, but it sounds really good!

@Anon - That's high praise indeed, thank you very much.