Thursday, February 16, 2012



Track 1 - Usdar'a Gilderken 
Track 2 - Burcak Tarlalari
Track 3 - Dolana Dolana
Track 4 - Karadir Kara
Track 5 - Emmioglu
Track 6 - Carsamba
Track 7 - Zeytinyagli
Track 8 - Silifke
Track 9 - Lorke
Track 10 - Ayas

Here is a bit of information about the album courtesy of Answers.Com -

"In 1972, Ozkent partnered with Evren Records, a Turkish label known for its high production standards and audiophile recording techniques; Ozkent booked time at one of Istanbul's finest recording facilities, and with a hand-picked team of musicians he began recording new material dominated by funky vamps, extended percussion jams, hard-grooving organ lines, and wah-wah guitars. The resultant LP, Genclikle Elele (Hand in Hand with Youth), sounded as if it were designed for hip-hop DJs in search of funky breaks, even though it was cut years before the nascent South Bronx scene began to flower (not to mention half a world away)."

"Genclik Ile Elele" has a pretty unique sound encompassing funk, psych rock and jazz along with the previously mentioned funky breaks. Maybe it's just me but I feel like sections of this record have more of an afro rock sound which belies it's middle eastern origins ( "Lorke" and "Dolana Dolana" being examples ). The whole set is super groovy and the only disappointment is that it's all over after just 30 minutes. And as a cherry on top, you get a monkey on the cover. Enjoy!


12vjoe said...

They had me w/monkey on the cover.

This is outstanding! Thanks!

Holly said...

This is great! Thank you very much.

Monkey is indeed a bonus :-)

Anonymous said...

Link unfortunately down :( It's the same, the youtube sample sounds great!!

Mr. Craig said...

Yep, it's great. Give me a few days and I'll re-up it for you.