Monday, February 27, 2012



Track 1 - Microtronics 01
Track 2 - Microtronics 02
Track 3 - Microtronics 03
Track 4 - Microtronics 04
Track 5 - Microtronics 05
Track 6 - Microtronics 06
Track 7 - Microtronics 07
Track 8 - Microtronics 08
Track 9 - Microtronics 09
Track 10 - Microtronics 10

This is a tour EP which was released by Broadcast during their 2003 "Haha Sound" Tour. Don't let the jazzy start to the first track fool you, this music is firmly based on the traditions of the Radiophonic Workshop. There is still a fair amount of diversity though with "05" consisting entirely of a drum workout and "09" having a bit of a Tortoise feel to it. Sadly vocalist Trish Keenan ( who is not featured on this disc ) died of pnuemonia last year at the age of 42. A new album is planned featuring vocals recorded before her death.


Anonymous said...

The cover art is super trippy, perfect compliment to the tunes attached. Thanks for posting!

configuratao said...

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configuratao said...

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Anonymous said...

Trish IS featured on this disc. It wasn't just the boys that did the electronics! She looked up to Daphne Oram and Ruth White apparently.