Sunday, February 5, 2012


Track 1 - Boney Title Music
Track 2 - Boney Theme
Track 3 - Love Theme
Track 4 - Action Theme
Track 5 - Murder In The Outback
Track 6 - City Lights
Track 7 - Outback Theme
Track 8 - The Fight
Track 9 - Wild Formations
Track 10 - Relief
Track 11 - Boney Theme End Titles

Sven Libaek penned this soundtrack to the Australian television show "Boney" back in 1971. Here is a little bit of information about the program care of Wikipedia...

"Boney is an Australian television series produced by Fauna Productions during 1971 and 1972, featuring James Laurenson in the title role of Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte. There were two series made of twenty six episodes in total.

The series was centred on Bonaparte, a half-Australian Aboriginal character, created by Arthur Upfield, who wrote twenty nine novels about him from 1929 until Upfield's death in 1964.

While Bonaparte was "Bony" in the novels, the TV series was titled "Boney" - Arthur Upfield had told the show's producer John McCallum that a printer’s error in the first book had misspelled the name and he'd been stuck with it ever since. Tie-in reprints of the novels at the time used the title "Boney", though - as old printing plates were used - Bonaparte was still "Bony" inside.

Bony has a Master's Degree in forensic science from the fictitious "Brisbane University". His father, name unknown, was white. His Aboriginal mother was murdered while he was still an infant."

The soundtrack is filled with Sven's unique take on easy listening pop with the occasional diversion into funkier territory. The use of vibes is particularly effective, raising the likes of "Wild Formations", "The Fight" and "Love Theme" to a whole different level. It's a great record to listen to on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to digitalmeltd0wn for the original upload.

Another little tidbit I picked up at the Wikipedia page was that disco group Boney M was named after this television character. You learn something new every day!

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dom said...

There's a full episode of "Boney" on youtube.