Monday, February 6, 2012


Track 1 - 3:06
Track 2 - 3:02
Track 3 - 4:08
Track 4 - 3:25
Track 5 - 2:15
Track 6 - 3:11
Track 7 - 2:07
Track 8 - 3:26
Track 9 - 3:34
Track 10 - 3:05
Track 11 - 3:14
Track 12 - 3:24

This is the 2005 debut album by "Clutchy Hopkins" who is widely believed to be an alias for one or more performers, possibly MF Doom, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Money Mark, Madlib or Shawn Lee. More recent Clutchy releases have listed Lee and MF Doom as collaborators. The music is a sweet mix of heavy drumming and jazz with an eastern vibe featuring on a couple of tracks. There's a good variety of down tempo and funkier grooves that should appeal to fans of the aforementioned artists along with those who enjoy jazz, funk and library music. I hope you enjoy this and feel inspired to search out the subsequent releases such as "Fascinating Fingers" and "The Story Teller". Below is a picture of "Clutchy" and a sample from the album...


bark said...

The Rapidshare file seems to be gone. Bummer!

Mr. Craig said...

New link is up.