Saturday, February 4, 2012


Track 1 - Einstein On The Beast
Track 2 - For The Glasty
Track 3 - How Many Whores?
Track 4 - Lil' Tut
Track 5 - Crystal Glass
Track 6 - Gangsta Rubric
Track 7 - Evening High
Track 8 - Stand Up Dance
Track 9 - Leila Dies, Lyrics Born
Track 10 - Glass Prison

DJ BC is best known for his mashup of Beatles and Beastie Boys tracks entitled "Let It Beast". For this album he combines the work of legendary composer Philip Glass with various hip hop acts. The resulting music ranges from inspired ( "Glass Prison", "Gangsta Rubric" ) to the insipid ( "Lil' Tut" ) with much variation in between. It is a concept which has the potential to offend classical and hip hop enthusiasts in equal measure but as a fan of cinematic beats I was fairly satisfied with the results. There is an interesting article about DJ BC and the creation of the album which you can read here.


Anonymous said...


I've never even heard of this dude and I'm offended already just by the description.

Great website though, you've more than earned a few trespasses.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd hear anything worse than this absolute no mark's Beatles/Beasties abominations, but you've proved me wrong. A huge blot on an otherwise excellent blog......

Mr. Craig said...

Ouch! I thought it was an interesting concept but the execution let it down a bit. Not sure this equates to a "huge blot" on Funky Frolic, it is just one post in almost 500 after all : )