Friday, February 17, 2012


Link removed at request of label.

Track 1 - Lixiviation
Track 2 - Atari Video Games Logo
Track 3 - Clean Room (ITT TV Spot)
Track 4 - Almay Eclipse (TV Spot)
Track 5 - Paris 1971
Track 6 - Sound of A Dream Kissing
Track 7 - Atari Corporate Tag
Track 8 - Princess with Orange Feet
Track 9 - Pop & Pour (Coca-Cola Logo)
Track 10 - Discover Magazine (TV Spot)
Track 11 - Live Buchla Concert 1975
Track 12 - Inside Story (PBS TV Spot)
Track 13 - Liberator (Atari TV Spot)
Track 14 - Eighth Wave
Track 15 - Sound Of Wetness
Track 16 - Second Breath

This is my first exposure to the work of Suzanne Ciani and it proves to be a revelation. Unlike Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, American born Ciani created electronic music that is more ambient and contemplative, but also fun as well. In 1974 she set up her own company in order to directly market advertising music at major corporations such as Coca Cola, Columbia Pictures, Atari and others. Many of the advertising spots featured on this album bear a similarity to the work of Raymond Scott but she also forged new ground, particularly in the development of the Coca Cola Pop and Pour composition which was used widely throughout the 1970's.

Amongst her other achievements Ciani became the first solo woman to produce a Hollywood film score ( "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" ), created sound effects for Meco's "Star Wars And Other Galatic Funk", founded the The Electronic Centre For New Music and has been nominated for five Grammy awards. This collection should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the history of electronic music, especially in the field of advertising. Sensational.

Below are two clips, the first from Suzanne's appearance on the David Letterman Show back in 1980 I believe and the second documents her work creating sounds for the Xenon pinball machine.


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