Monday, February 13, 2012


Track 1 - Mon Amour
Track 2 - Oddball
Track 3 - Daytripper
Track 4 - Dumbo
Track 5 - Funky Chicken
Track 6 - Auto-Pilot
Track 7 - Jolly Roger
Track 8 - Pacesetter
Track 9 - Home Run
Track 10 - Driving Force
Track 11 - Action Man
Track 12 - Fanfare
Track 13 - Mile High Swingers Version A
Track 14 - Mile High Swingers Version B
Track 15 - Plain Song

It's been a while since I posted any British library music but I hope this record makes up for it! Any collaboration between Hawkshaw and Bennett should be considered a must have and here they combine their renowned composing skills with a selection of electronic instruments. The results range from novelty ( "Dumbo", "Jolly Roger" ) to much more satisfying funk infused numbers such as "Oddball", "Daytripper", "Auto-Pilot" and the two excellent versions of "Mile High Swingers". A few of these tracks have found their way on to various compilations over the years and for good reason.


Lord Summerisle said...

You said the magic word, 'Hawkshaw'!. Can't wait to listen to this one. Thankyou!

Vinyl Room said...

Can't wait to grab this one later, thanks very much! VR.

bark said...

When it comes to British library stuff, I would really love to see some Anne Dudley albums.

vasco said...

this album is a must !
just incridible music action !
released in 1974, it should be reissued.

Carol said...

Thanks! I seriously can't get enough of this stuff!