Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Track 1 - Video Funk
Track 2 - Pin-Balls
Track 3 - Martian Invaders
Track 4 - Mouse Runner
Track 5 - Flipper
Track 6 - Vampire Chaser
Track 7 - Flip Box
Track 8 - Spiel Salon
Track 9 - Video Games
Track 10 - Robot Voices
Track 11 - Computer Room
Track 12 - Japanese Technology
Track 13 - Data Movements
Track 14 - Software Jungle
Track 15 - Future World
Track 16 - Informatic Terminal
Track 17 - Ad-Da

I know this record can be found at a few different places but I couldn't resist posting it at Funky Frolic. These 17 tracks replicate the sounds you would find on retro computer games and pinball machines back in the early 1980's. It's a collection which will appeal to anyone who enjoys retro gaming or was around when Space Invaders, Moon Patrol, Frogger and Pitfall were at the cutting edge of home entertainment. There's not a lot of song structure to be had, mostly you get a lot of beeps and blips with the exception of "Video Funk", "Video Games", "Future World" and a couple of others. "Japanese Technology" is an excellent piece of minimalist electronic music and "Informatic Terminal" has a nice ambient feel. In fact the whole second half of the album is really, really good in my opinion.

Aside from the kitsch factor associated with the cover and theme there are plenty of reasons why you should download this and give it a go. Enjoy!


Ian Van Groove said...

As a HUGE BRAINTICKET fan, I was always keen to know what Mr. Vandroogenbroeck got up to next. Found his meditation/ambient work quite appealing but had no idea about this until recently. Can't say I'll be able to love it but that's the beauty of blogs, free trials a-plenty. As usual, I'll filter out the good stuff into some playlist or other, here goes.....

Lord Summerisle said...

Sounds interesting, a bit different. I'll give it a go. Thanks Craig.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! Thanks for the share!!

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking around your site for a couple days now. I stumbled across it by chance while chasing down 60s-style lounge music and just wanted to let you know that I have found some real gems here. Thanks for all your effort!


configuratao said...

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Kinda cool.

Thanks for the bleeps,bloops,and blips music. (Bet ya can't say that sentence over and over really fast! )