Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Track 1 - Storm Clouds
Track 2 - Some O'dem
Track 3 - F.K.D
Track 4 - Umbi Gumbi
Track 5 - Fresh Lady
Track 6 - Escape
Track 7 - Reclamation
Track 8 - Well Hung Parliament
Track 9 - Fresh Lady Dub
Track 10 - Storm Clouds Dub

This group is based on the east coast of Australia and their music contains a diverse amalgam of afro beat, reggae, dub and some hip hop. It's very easy on the ear along with being quite funky, especially tracks such as "Well Hung Parliament", "Umbi Gumbi" and the more laid back "Escape". I couldn't find any information on upcoming gigs for them but if they appear in your neck of the woods be sure to check them out! I'm positive they would be awesome live ( as the below video demonstrates ). Be sure to hunt down their self titled debut album as well.

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