Saturday, February 18, 2012


Track 1 - Postlude From Music For A Sacred Service
Track 2 - Earth's Magnetic Field
Track 3 - Prelude No.8 (To The Memory Of Edgar Varese)
Track 4 - Out Of Into
Track 5 - Cortex
Track 6 - Electronic Composition No.1
Track 7 - Dance Piece No.3
Track 8 - Study For Voice And Tape

To be honest I didn't particularly like this compilation. There is no questioning the skill and innovation involved with the creation of the electronic music presented here but purely as a listening experience I think it fails quite badly.

These tracks come from the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Centre in New York circa 1961 to 1974 and are firmly based in the avante garde, with what I suspect is a helping hand from hallucinogenic substances. The only piece I could really connect with was the brooding "Prelude No.8 (To The Memory Of Edgar Varese)" by Ilhan Mimaroglu.

Anyway, I know that judging music is a purely subjective matter and it's quite possible that some of you will enjoy this collection very much so I thought I'd post it anyway. It does still represent an important stepping stone in the development of electronic music as it is today.

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Anonymous said...

actually really enjoyed this one !! awesome find/selection !