Saturday, February 4, 2012


Track 1 - Bagliori
Track 2 - Play Car
Track 3 - Confronto
Track 4 - Fiaccole Di Pino
Track 5 - Controcorrente
Track 6 - Via Nell'Autunno
Track 7 - Rolling
Track 8 - Moto Centripeto
Track 9 - Messaggio
Track 10 - Padmina
Track 11 - Colloquio
Track 12 - Telescrivente
Track 13 - Le Regole Del Gioco
Track 14 - Schegge
Track 15 - Direzioni
Track 16 - Diversioni
Track 17 - Traffico D'Armi
Track 18 - Contatto Umano
Track 19 - Motivo Ricorrente
Track 20 - Milano 72
Track 21 - Trepido E Ilare Giorno

I'm ashamed to say that I have long ignored this record simply because I didn't like the look of the cover. Therefore I have come to the Lesiman party a little late, but as they say in the classics "better late than never". Lesiman ( real name Paolo Renosto ) released a clutch of library albums in the 1970's on legendary Italian label Vendette and they are the basis for this compilation. Drama, intrigue and suspense abound through these 21 tracks but in typical Italian style there is also a very distinctive dream like quality that draws the listener in. Obviously if you are a fan of soundtrack or library music then you've probably long since discovered the joys of Lesiman but if you are new to the game or have just been a fool like me then get on board!


Brad Brown said...

This is wonderful. Every Saturday that I intend to get work done, I come here and find a new artist that I haven't heard of, thus spawning a day of virtual crate digging. Don't ever stop.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks so much for the comment Brad. I'm glad I can play a part in your musical journey.

Anonymous said...


The cover elicited the same reaction from me.

I find it a bit overwhelming to listen to straight through. But in small doses this is great stuff.

Great choice. Nice blog.